My mission is to empower women with casual, memorable and statement making style options for their wardrobe so they can spend more time on the things that are important to them. 


I have always had a love for graphic tees. I was never much of a skirt and heels type of girl. I love my comfy shirts underneath a flannel, jeans or leggings and chucks. Now with a little one of my own, comfort is key, especially when you are exhausted and just looking to leave the house wearing something quick and easy that doesn't make you look like a mombie! 

I love the nostalgia a graphic tee brings. My favorite thing growing up was going to a concert and getting a graphic tee to commemorate the memories of that experience. My favorite part of participating in a 5K race was to get the shirt to remember that I actually did a 5K...(and survived!). You get it! Graphic tees are memory makers and the ultimate comfy go-to that everyone has in their wardrobe.


    All shirts are handmade and made to order using pre-made using professionally screen printed heat transfer designs made from plastisol ink and pressed onto the shirt using a professional grade heat press.


    We buy from a small list of suppliers that have the same commitment to being eco-friendly and ethically sourced. A list of our shirt vendors include:

    • Alternative Apparel
    • Bella + Canvas
    • Econscious


    Our basic tees are made from 100% cotton which is the most natural, sustainable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly fiber vs. man-made materials such as polyester.


    A portion of our tees come from WRAP certified factories which ensures that factory & garmet workers are treated fairly and paid an honest wage. 


    Shirts are made to order to prevent from creating unnecessary waste. Sample or defective shirts are marked accordingly and re-sold to customers for a discount, donated or made into reusable items such as cleaning rags, bags and blankets. 

    After your tees are made, they are mailed to you in a sturdy, 100% biodegradable mailer made of materials that generates less CO2 than traditional plastic.We encourage you to take the time to reuse, recycle and/or compost what you can out of your packaging once your purchases have been delivered and opened by you. 

    Other ways we run our business in an eco-friendly manner:

    • We package your orders in a way that's eco-friendly, yet still take every precaution to make sure your items arrive to you in mint condition and safe from the elements. This includes wrapping your purchase in recyclable, reusable & biodegradable shopping bags before packaging in the mailer.
    • Our business cards are made from 90% post-consumer recycled material Kraft brand paper. 
    • During the shirt pressing process we use unbleached and compostable parchament paper as well that gets recycled or composted once used.
    • We recycle the transfer paper after the shirt pressing process.