About Us

Feeding the giraffe’s at the Columbus Zoo

Becoming a first time mom turned my world upside down and is what inspired me to start my own business. Going back to work full-time after my maternity leave devastated me both physically and mentally. Some days I would work an 18-hour shift just to come home and be up all night taking care of a newborn. It quickly wore me down and I slipped into a depression. I wanted nothing more in life than to be a work-from-home Mom and have the opportunity to still provide for my family financially while having the flexibility to spend more time with my son and enjoying motherhood.

I started this journey selling clothing for a very popular direct sales company right before my son turned 1, while that path was short-lived I was thankful for the knowledge and experiences it provided. Within that short time I also made the difficult decision to leave my full-time job after 6 years. Little did I know it would take me on the most amazing journey. 

After 7 months working with retail direct sales, I decided to start my own business. At first I wasn’t really clear about my target, I just knew I wanted to sell clothes! I loved that! So I started my very own independent online boutique and named it after my son and step-daughter, Marie & Lee Boutique. Fast forward to a year of buying clothing styles that worked and didn’t work: Many other ladies that worked with the same direct sales company I had just left had followed down the same path as me & started their own boutique. I am all for “babes supporting babes” but also felt this strong pull to try and evolve and be different. After hinting at it for many months, my fiancée purchased me a professional t-shirt heat press for Christmas 2018 after finding my love for making and wearing graphic tees. 

Exactly one year after starting my independent boutique I decided to re-brand the business to focus more on graphic apparel. I wanted something as unique as the graphic tees I was making. I decided to re-name Marie & Lee Boutique to The Rose Giraffe. Why such a weird name ? Well why not ? Giraffe’s are unique animals, which reflected in the type of clothing I was carrying. Rose Gold is my favorite color so I just simply combined the two for something fun, different and (hopefully) memorable.